Trends Of Business To Business Marketing

There are more mobile devices now than there are individuals, which range from smartphones to tablets to so-called “wearables”. The consequence of this evolution is that smaller displays are gaining importance in reference to bigger screens. For some brands that they are the perfect medium to communicate with their customers. Especially because mobile online connection rises exponentially and the supply of personalized, contextual content gets easier.

Brands Must become more honest and credible

Occasional TV viewers might have missed it, but the age in which brands can sell any BS is truly long gone. Those that pass the test are rewarded with shares and recommendations of the branded content. Advocate promotion is a term that will become more prevalent and people who really need to engage with their customers, should dare to have a look at the mirror.

The importance of good content is Always growing

Content, and specifically visual content, remains king. That can be beneficial for creative brands that have the ability to adapt quickly and can count on specialised partners for this. Classical advertising agencies must retrain and become content providers as the social networking model is also always under pressure. On top of this, clients make and spread more articles themselves (user generated content). Because of this brands need to accept that they no longer have all of the power. Intelligent brands do not resist, but are searching for ways to “work together” with their customers.

Marketing automation will Eventually be used how it is supposed to

Up till now we have associated marketing automation too frequently with unsolicited mails and pop-ups because certain data and behaviours are unilaterally interpreted. When advertisers take their time to filter this information and match it to the actual needs of their customers, they have a highly effective tool that can change their manner of communicating forever. Businesses are best to turn to a trusted partner who will show them the way through the wilderness of advertising program.

This certainly is the motto for online campaigns. There isn’t any lack of resources, but there’s a significant one of knowledge and time. Here, advertising agencies are there to help their clients determine the ideal KPIs and interpret the results. Clear reporting is a service on demand which allows the advertisers to correct the campaigns in real time.

The Web of things is maturing

Homes, televisions, appliances, cars, just about all devices can communicate with one another nowadays. Up until now the majority of the programs are considered “fun gadgets”, but as brands begin to use these functions more methodically, this can quickly change.

The web of things could be implemented in several domains to reward customers, generate feedback, elaborate or facilitate services and make touch points with the target audience. The amount of mobile applications and programs which use this will grow enormously.

The modern marketer is a Specialist again

Very similar to subscribers who can no more tell whatever they need, the age of the shady sales individual is over. The picture of this smooth, not always dependable sales boy is up for alteration because modern entrepreneurs are aware of what they’re doing. The amount of stations, the technological possibilities, the information available and the rate we must address, obviously has nothing to do with the Mad Men age anymore. On top of this, everything evolves so fast, that you constantly have to stay up-to-date. Bad news for the bunglers, fantastic news for those experts.

The Customer is no longer king, but emperor

Brands must realize that they cannot oblige anyone to follow their story. They ought to make an attempt to make their story interesting and pertinent and win the customer over. Old techniques must be re-evaluated and the measurability of digital stations severely questions the reliability and efficacy of conventional media. More than ever the customer determines how and when he is going to be approached. Intelligent advertisers will use this to their advantage.

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